Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Michael Jackson: my inspiration to be a better person!

WOW, its been a while…
I am sorry for not keep to my words and keep updating my blog as I told you I would… but at the end of the day there’s so much happening all the time and didn’t find the time to update you all.
Today, I finally decided to return and post something that is being on top of my head, thoughts, feelings... for the last days.

You all that know me, also know my love for Music. You know my dedication for people and hopefully know about my values and morals, and how much I care for the world, specially for the children.

I always say how proud I am for being raised for a wonderful family that taught me about the world… But I have always mentioned that my values and morals came not just from my family but from a collection of situations, institutions, experiences, and mainly people. From different people, people like my sisters, people like my aunts, people like my friends, people like my teachers or people like my idols, my heroes, my role models. Those people made a major contribution of the person I became, the person I AM TODAY.

I have grown up with those heroes, heroes that were imposed to me by the society, such as Jesus.. or heroes that I have found during the path of my life, like after watching a movie, or read a book, see the news, or even watch a documentary heroes like Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi, that were a big influence when I was growing.. there was also Madre Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama… people that do good, people that spent the life fighting for a noble cause, people that made a difference, a difference that will always remain. And they were famous because of that. They were political figures, or religious ones that were remarkable and I am very glad that had them as a heroes and I have been following their values.

Well, I guess I was lucky enough to find others, other heroes to me. People that also did good, people that have been fighting for a cause, people that were a very positive influence to me as a human being.

So I would like to tell you all, that one of the biggest influences to me was Michael Jackson. Yes, Michael Jackson was and he will always be a hero to me.
The first contact I had with MJ, was with his music.. I was so young, but I loved it. The melodies, his voice.. everything was so magic about him… He made me wanna dance, he made me wanna sing… he made me fell in love with Music, and since then POP has been my image. Anyone that knows me associates me with Pop…. I keep hearing everyday stuff like: “Oh, I heard a song of the Spice Girls and that reminded me of you” , or “I saw Madonna was going to perform in London and I knew you would be there”, or “ I saw this picture of Lady Gaga in the newspaper and that made me think of you” ….

Last week I heard something new.. something similar, but a new sentence that I haven’t heard before, the person told me: “ I heard the news, Michael Jackson died, and the first thing I thought was you”

Yeah, Michael Jackson died for some people, but to me he will live forever, because he was my inspiration. As far as I live, and my ones, I will keep follow his message, and I will keep try to heal the World and save the Earth.

But why Michael Jackson was inspirational for me?
Yes, I loved his music, his rhythm, his voice, but when I started to grow older and understand MJ's lyrics, was when I started to understand why he was so huge, why he was so amazing.

I was privileged enough to be raised on a open minded family and always had access to culture. My parents always allowed us to watch TV but we would select what we wanted to watch, we always were allowed to read books or magazines, but we were lucky to have access not to tabloids just, but to decent journalism.
So I was lucky enough to create my own opinion about Michael Jackson through the years.

I have no words to explain everything he represented to me, but let me tell you, as a person, as a human being, Michael Jackson is the one in the top of my list.
To me, no one ever had helped the world like he did, and no one else tried to heal the world like he did.
Apart of being the biggest Music Genius this world ever had, and the proof is out there, well, just research the numbers and you will see no one was even close of what he achieved, not even Elvis Presley or The Beatles.
Michael Jackson was also the biggest heart that tried to share his LOVE message, specially about loving children!

I could spend days here writing to try to say everything I know about him and how much I like him and how much he inspired my life.

I had a dream, to see and feel my hero performing.
In a few weeks I was finally going to achieve it, see the King in action here in London.
Now he is gone... its so painful, he was the ultimate human being. The biggest heart, huge soul. The victim of his own success: “as biggest the star, as biggest the target”
Michael was misunderstood… During all this years people keep misunderstanding his actions, his being….
He lived his life in the ways of Christ, became a legend at a heavy price and now he was crucified.

Unfortunately we live in a mad world, with evil people. Also we have many ignorant and pathetic people, people with no education, with no culture, no standards, no values, no morals…
And today, I am writing here, not just to tell you how much I am sad and hurt for the loss of one of my heroes, but also to tell how mad I am about having people, worst: people that I know, in the circle of my friends… people that I would consider intelligent, that actually are just delusional and ignorants.

I just would like to ask to all those who still determine that Michael Jackson was guilty of the supposed sex abuse crimes, did you ever bother to research the mounds upon mounds of evidence proving his innocence????????
It is so easy for losers who will make absolutely nothing with their lives to judge others.
Depressed, unhappy people believing the worst of others.

And seriously? I am not interest in people like that in my circle of friends…
I believe that we all are free to have our opinions, but I cannot respect ignorant that don’t even try to find the true.
People that rather believe in tabloids than in the evidences. The same tabloids that called him a child molester, are the same ones that claim him as a hero now… how disturbing? Stop and think. You have a brain, try to use it.

So make me, actually, make YOU a favor and get some facts correct, research, study, do something for God sakes, but stop being an ignorant. Then you can come and talk to me.
I also had my doubts, I also had my concerns, I also wanted answers, and now even feel ashamed that I could think things that were negative.. Like I remember me and my sister Dana talking about his color change … and we used to say we didn’t understand why he wanted to be white… but once u look for answers you will find them … and I am not giving them to you, I am gonna ask you to go and find your own answers! Now I feel ridiculous for even put that thought in my head: why he wanted to be white... silly me! But like he said "Don't you black or white me"!

Michael did sooo much for the world and children.... He spent his life going to hospitals and orphanages all around the world visiting the sick and giving them hope! He saved so many lives...
Michael truly was amazing and it is sooo sad that the media hardly covers anything great he did and brought to the world
SHAME on the media and to those who don’t appreciate Michael for who he truly was and what he brought to the world.

As for me, I know that Michael Jackson will live forever, and I feel so blessed that I have lived in his era. And one day I will have children, and grandchildren… and I will tell them all about the most amazing human being and kindest artist this world ever had, and tell them he was the King of the Pop. He led and we followed. He was the one that wrote the most beautiful songs, and he was the one healing the world.

You will always be my inspiration, I will always try to be a better person as you requested
R.I.P my King, your music will leave forever and so your soul.

Rev. Al Sharpton to Michael Jackson children: “There was nothin weird about your daddy! It was weird what your daddy had to go through!”

Probably the greatest sentence I ever heard in the last years!
My heart his with his children, family and real fans.



  2. Muito bonito... !!!

    Depois de pensar e reflectir em todas as magnificas palavras que dizes a cima percebo o quanto tu o adoravas..., percebo o quanto ele era um ídolo para ti..., o teu herói, a tua inspiração, a "tua vida e o teu destino"...
    Basicamnete uma acção realizada por ele era um futuro desejo teu....


  3. Sweetie,

    O show foi lindo, casa cheia, a bahia ama Jay! ele lembrou muito de vc, disse que vc é muuuuito gente boa, sabia q vc estava em London e tudo mais! Vou arrumar um tempo para acompanhar mais seus posts.. E postar mais tb no meu blog, claro!

    Desculpe os comentários de alegria no seu post dedicado ao mj. mas nao é possivel me conter =D E simmm, nosso encontro formidável há de chegar.

    lots of love!

  4. I hope when this is all over, he may finally find the Peace he deserves to have.
    Beijão, Emminha!