Thursday, 26 March 2009

Family Sweet Family...

Hello Everyone =)
First of all I would like to thank you all! I have been receive a great feedback and I am quite surprise how fast this blog is been spreading and how many people actually read my first post.
I know that I always write a lot, and I thought that would put you off, (and certainly I put many of you :p ) but that's how I am, still, many people, people that I don't even have much contact, read it and have being supporting me, and I am really grateful, plus its a great way to keep in touch.
For those that told me that cant follow because don't have a Gmail account, well, I know, basically this blog belongs to google, like everything else.. very useful to be honest, Gmail is the best email I had. Anyway, you can still comment without having a Gmail account, or I can get your feedback on my facebook link or the private messages like some of you sent!

I didn't mean to worry anyone, and thank to all for the prayers, nice words and the support.

Vanessa is ok.
We didn't find her (yet), but she had the minimal decency of calling my cousin Bryan to tell that she was ok, she appreciates all that my auntie did for her, and that she loved her "brothers/sisters" very much but she wanted to start a new life (?!!?!?!) and asked us to stop looking for her, because she is ok (??!!!??)

This is very disturbing and sad... well, also very disappointing.
Obviously my auntie Tessy is not being able to sleep and she is being wondering herself where the hell did she fail... she spent more then 10 years trying to be like a mother to Vanessa and she left like that (I can feel my aunties pain)... Vanessa don't even want to come back for her clothes and documents. And as I said before, she canceled her phone, so there's no way we can reach her.

I am very upset at her... she shouldn't be doing this to us.
I am a psychologist myself, and used to work with problematic children/teens, and there's no formula to solve this situation. We just can wait. Hopefully she will be back soon and learn some lesson with this "adventure"! I wish I could help her...

In the mean time, my sister Dana and my cousin Brianne (Vanessa "sister") are in the town. They came to visit me for the weekend. They arrived last night at 2am and we have been speaking until 5am. I am so but so happy they are here, but obviously we have been talking about Vanessa a lot.
This can sound selfish, but we decided that we are gonna ignore that subject for a while, at least while they are here, since there's nothing that we can do. We all missed each other and its great be able of being all together again, this time in my city, London. I want to show them my world, my life, my things and my new dreams.

We have a mission: have a good time and enjoy each others company.
And that's what we are going to try to do.

Isn't family the best thing we have???
I am very fortunate to have such an amazing one, and I love them to death!

Have a great weekend you all,
I'm sure I will =)


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  1. hey emma you dont actually need a google account to follow im on hotmail and all you have to do is say open new account. then type in and email address you have. it explains it on this link
    listen to near the end...any way enjoying reading you blog..and i even started my own..follow me on
    miss you friend
    xoxox carla